Terms and Conditions

Cachalote products come with a 1-year warranty in case of factory defects related to the pedal operation or any other circuit malfunction.

The warranty does not apply to issues with knobs, potentiometers, switches and broken jacks, nor to any defects due to misuse or mods and alterations, including third-party repair jobs.

Always keep an eye on the power supply you choose to use with Cachalote pedals - theyʼre equipped with protective circuits, but they work only up to a certain point. Powering the pedals improperly voids the warranty.

We make resistant pedals that will last for a lifetime as we use only high-quality components and we hate the XXI century planned obsolescence. However, every piece of electronic gear needs some basic care and weʼre here to guide you through any doubts.

First and foremost, send us an email at [email protected] - weʼll think your problem through and guide you on how to proceed with the repair of your pedal ;) If you do need to open a case, within 90 days after purchase, weʼll cover all shipping expenses. After that, weʼll cover only the returning shipping expenses: from our headquarters in Brasília to your house (mind that shipping expenses only applies to shipping addresses within Brazilian mainland).

The warranty does not cover damage or product loss that may occur during transit, as this would be the postal serviceʼs responsibility. Regardless of the situation, weʼll fix any problems you may have with your Cachalote pedals, we just donʼt cover the expenses in case warranty does not apply.


Exchanges and Returns

You can exchange or return our products up to 7 days after receiving. The pedal should be in its original package along with receipt, manual, all including accessories and no signs of wear.