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  • Cachalote Retirar na Asa Norte.

This is the Lilo Delay.

Turn it on, and you'll find countless possibilities for manipulating the time and tone of the repeated signal. Like all Cachalote pedals, it features an original circuit, and its panel has a simple but effective layout for easy access to various parameters such as Time, Gain, Filter, Feedback, Modulation Intensity, and Modulation Frequency controls. The Lilo Delay includes a Clean Signal Cut (Dry-Kill) option and a Multifunction Activation in the footswitch for infinite repetitions or modulation intensity.

The Lilo Delay has a delay time ranging from 40ms to 600ms. The circuit of the Lilo Delay uses one PT2399 IC, allowing you to achieve classic analog delay tones with Bucket-Brigade Integrated Circuit, deep textures similar to a deteriorated magnetic tape, or even absurd soundscapes! By using the Clean Signal Cut (Dry-Kill) and setting the Time and Feedback controls to a minimum, you have a Chorus/Vibrato with Filter and Gain control at your feet. The modulation frequency has a wide range, from a very slow vibrato to the territory of Ring Modulators. 

Use the Lilo Delay to control time and create modulations with any instrument, on stage, in the studio, or as an insert effect on a mix. 

Download - User Manual 


Dimensions: 120mm x 64mm x 57mm

Current draw: 92mA

Voltage and polarity: 9VDC (center negative)

Polyester Capacitors: Wima

Ceramic Capacitors: Vishay, Samsung e Wurth

Eletrolytchal Capacitors: Nichicon e Wurth

Potentiometers: Alpha e Tayda

Bypass footswitch: SCI - Soft Switch

True-bypass with Kemet relay

1/4"jack: Rean Neutrik

Cliff power jack