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  • Cachalote Retirar na Asa Norte.

The Ushuaia Drive has an original circuit developed by Cachalote, featuring a 100% analog signal chain with only discrete components. This overdrive pedal embodies a bold personality with an amp-like dynamic breakup. It delivers clean and transparent tones, featuring an extremely responsive low-gain, a versatile mid-boost, classic overdrive tones, and can transition all the way to a full-bodied drive, rich in bass with a fuzz-like texture.

Its circuit has two saturation stages. The first one uses a MosFET transistor, and the second one uses a BJT 2n2222a metal-can transistor. The combination of a transistor with more advanced technology with one with classic characteristics provides a dynamic, organic, and articulate tone. The Ushuaia Drive is true-bypass with an internal relay and a soft-touch footswitch. 

Download - User Manual

The Ushuaia Drive is perfect for boosting pedals and amplifiers, as its output stage has a final amplification of +18dB. Additionally, it features a BJT Darlington transistor that acts as a buffer, reducing the output impedance and unwanted interactions with other equipment.  It interacts very well with various types of instruments and other pedals. The Ushuaia Drive can be placed in any position in the signal chain.

The articulation of the high frequencies is preserved in settings with low gain, and in settings with more gain, it is possible to use the instrument's volume control to clean up the tone.

The Ushuaia features up to 24dB of input GAIN, enough to transition from transparent tones to full-bodied drive with a fuzz-like texture. Even in high-gain settings, the drive doesn't become excessively compressed; it remains dynamic with well-defined harmonics.

The VOLUME control and its +18dB of amplification make the Ushuaia Drive an excellent clean-boost in low GAIN settings.

The CORTE GRAVES (low-cut) switch operates in the second saturation stage. In high-gain settings, the bass is still present but less saturated, while in lower gain settings, it enhances the midrange region (mid-boost), resulting in a musical and versatile tone.

The FILTRO AGUDOS (high-cut) ranges from 640Hz to 10KHz, and is ideal for adjusting the amount of upper harmonics. It's possible to achieve very open 'airy' tones or smoother, velvety sounds.

Whether as a clean-boost, a low-gain drive, an overdrive, or even a fuzz, the Ushuaia Drive is a great option for expanding your palette of saturations and exploring new tones.


  • 100% analog circuit
  • Dimensions: 130mm x 70mm x 65mm
  • Current draw: 40mA
  • Voltage and polarity: 9VDC (centro negativo)
  • Polyester Capacitors:: Wima
  • Ceramic Capacitors: Vishay, Samsumg e Wurth
  • Eletrolytchal Capacitors: Nichicon e Wurth
  • Potentiometers: Alpha e Tayda
  • Bypass footswitch: SCI - Soft Switch
  • True-bypass with Kemet relay
  • 1/4" jack: Rean Neutrik
  • Cliff power jack