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We are very happy to announce the Special Edition of our beloved "Formiga," the 'Formiga Drive.' ⚡️

There are only 16 numbered units, each with a certificate of authenticity signed by our entire team and an exclusive manual/poster.

In addition to the unique appearance with micro textured white paint, we modified the saturation stage equalization of the pedal which slightly reduces the gain in the mid-high frequencies, making the mid-bass frequencies more prominent. As a result, the Formiga Drive Special Edition has a more dynamic and smoother response when used with less gain on the guitar.

The Special Edition Formiga Drive features three different clipping types from the conventional Formiga B. Drive:

  • Germanium: With a pair of 1N270 glass germanium diodes, this mode has the highest saturation. It generates a symmetric clipping with a lot of personality due to the specific curve of the germanium diodes. With the gain at maximum, it has a fuzz-like tone.
  • 1N914: This mode uses five 1N914 silicon diodes to produce saturation with low-order harmonics. It is the mode with the least saturation and compression, making the pedal less aggressive and providing greater dynamic response in low-gain settings. The generated clipping is slightly asymmetric, subtly highlighting even-order harmonics.
  • MosFET: This mode has an asymmetric clipping and uses a 2N7000 MosFET transistor in conjunction with a pair of 1N914 diodes to create saturation with a lot of character. This distortion is similar to a single-ended tube amplifier. Due to its more asymmetric saturation compared to the "1N914" mode, it has more even-order harmonics, making the low-frequency region more pronounced and slightly reducing the dynamic response.

Download - User Manual