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  • Cachalote CLN 411 Bloco D Loja 40

The Console Preamp is a solid-state, Class A preamplifier.

It is an original circuit designed by Cachalote. It has input gain and output volume controls, a low/high impedance toggle switch, and three EQ modes (Console, Flat, and High Pass).

It has a gain of up to 40dB and can be used in various ways, from a clean and extremely low-noise preamplifier to a powerful source of saturation and complex harmonics. Throughout its range, it has a highly dynamic response.

The Console equalization mode is the starting point for all ideas for the pedal and can be thought of as the antithesis of an amplifier cabinet simulator. The result is the classic guitar tone connected directly to a mixing console, coming out directly from your amplifier speaker. 

There are other two equalization modes, which are more usual, they do not emulate a line connection into a mixing console:

Flat: there’s no perceptible EQ to the signal. Your tone is minimally changed.
High Pass: Higher frequencies suffer no change, while lower frequencies are cut before pre-amplification. It is a first-order Low Pass filter (6dB/8a), with a cutoff set at 160Hz.

The saturation of the Console Preamp is asymmetrical, complex, and rich in even harmonics. With low saturation, it can be used to push the amplifier and shape the tone of other pedals. With higher gain settings, the compression generated by the saturation of the signal emerges abruptly, causing intermodulation between notes and resulting in a unique fuzz tone.

Combining all parameters (volume, gain, impedance switch, and three equalization modes) opens up a range of possibilities that interact with your instrument and the way you play.

With a bold personality, from transparent preamplification to direct input fuzz tones, the Console Preamp is suitable to color any instrument's tone.

Download - User Manual



Dimensions: 120mm x 64mm x 57mm

Current draw: 122mA

Voltage and polarity: 9VDC (center negative)

Polyester Capacitors: Wima

Ceramic Capacitors: Vishay, Samsung e Wurth

Eletrolytchal Capacitors: Nichicon e Wurth

Potentiometers: Alpha e Tayda

Bypass footswitch: SCI - Soft Switch

True-bypass with Kemet relay

1/4"jack: Rean Neutrik

Cliff power jack