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This is the 127 SINT.

A square wave generator bundled with a wave multiplier that can be momentarily or permanently activated.

The 127 Sint. fuzz has a distinctive tone and does not use any discrete transistors in the signal path's circuit. To generate the square wave analogically, it uses the 4000 series CMOS chips, invented in the late 60s.

The wave multiplier multiplies the wave generated by another, two or three octaves below. The result is like a ring modulator with a carrier frequency that follows the fundamental frequency of what was played.

This is an original circuit and it is inspired by the sounds of Anne Clark (St. Vincent).

Check out our Sound Examples videos below!

Download - User Manual


Dimensions: 120mm x 64mm x 57mm

Current draw: 80mA

Voltage and polarity: 9VDC (center negative)

Polyester Capacitors: Wima

Ceramic Capacitors: Vishay, Samsung e Wurth

Eletrolytchal Capacitors: Nichicon e Wurth

Potentiometers: Alpha e Tayda

Bypass footswitch: SCI - Soft Switch

True-bypass with Kemet relay

1/4"jack: Rean Neutrik

Lumberg power jack